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Build 23 with Arc Fitting

I uploaded the latest release to . It features both the arc fitting and the multicore waterline code. I need to warn everyone that the UI for arc fitting will change- I’ve given you too much power right now (just kidding, it is too complicated for the newbies though). It will likely change to a single drop down like- Arc Fitting: None, Low, Medium, High where Low, Medium, and High cause the arc fit tolerance to be some predefined multiple of the global tolerance. From what I’ve seen in my testing, this may even be too much, it may be enough to just have “Faster” and “More Accurate.” I would like to get feedback from everyone on what they decide to use for both the global tolerance and the arc fit tolerance so I know what those multiples should be.

Right now, only the Basic and Mach3 posts have been updated with a new version that includes arc support- “Mach3-Arcs” and “Basic-Arcs”. Those two will show you the new statements that have been added for arc statements if you want to change another post on your own. In anyone needs it moved to a different post then please let me know and I’ll make the changes if you are willing to test and give feedback.

If you choose a post that does not have arc support then all arcs will be converted back to linear moves but, since they would be regularly spaced around a perfect arc, may produce a smoother path than the original.

I did a quick test today of a waterline-only tool path with and without arcs. Mach3 configured for a Tormach showed a run time of 2:19 for the arc version and 2:50 for the linear version. It looks like my suspicions were correct- I’m glad I didn’t come all this was to be wrong on that one.