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No more Work-in-Progress

The next release of MeshCAM will drop the “Work-in-Progress” label and become MeshCAM 2 Build XXXX. I don’t think V2 will ever be labeled “Done” until I move up to MeshCAM 3 because I’m about to make a big change that will hurt the stability. The current MeshCAM codebase is pretty stable and all of the changes for the next few months should not risk a drop in stability.

MeshCAM will probably move to version 3 with the new roughing algorithm since that’s a big big change. It will be a free upgrade to all.

In the mean time I’ve been fixing some 4th axis bugs that cause Mach3 to lockup. I’m going to try to get all of the known 4th axis problems done ASAP with release within a week.