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Version 3 Build 14

I just uploaded build 14 to . This build includes two big things- memory and speed optimizations and the new roughing code. Both features have been tested but could contain hidden bugs. For the memory and speed optimizations, I’d be curious to know if you see a difference since build 13. Both will depend on the models you’re using and, since small models run incredibly fast already, I’ve focused more on the big ones.

The roughing code has the big changes I outlined in the past couple of weeks. I think it’s solid and I’ve got tons of units tests that run every time I run a debug build so that expectation is backed up by lots of data (as long as I considered every case). Let me know if you find anything and if you have the time, try running a few of your typical parts with a “Machine Geometry +” set to zero.

Finally, for Jeff, I remembered to rename the installer so that it includes the build number. If I forget to do this in the future please let me know- eventually I’ll be able to make it part of the upload habit.