Does MeshCAM support a 4th axis?

MeshCAM supports an indexed 4th axis. An indexed 4th axis does not rotate continuously as the toolpath is running. Instead, a number of angles are defined when the part is loaded. The toolpath will index the 4th axis to each angle and then run a complete 3-axis toolpath.

An indexed 4th axis is ideal for machining a part from several sides without having to manually reposition the part.

MeshCAM does not support a continuous 4th axis mode.

Does MeshCAM support a 5th axis?

There is no 5th axis support in MeshCAM- this is generally only found in very high-end programs. MeshCAM is able to rotate and reposition the geometry without any changes to the CAD file. This is useful if you need to machine the geometry from multiple angles; it may be a workaround for many cases where 5th axis support is required.