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CAM Software Dedicated to 3D Machining

MeshCAM was built from the ground up to machine 3D models and to do it as quickly and as easily as possible. Roughing and finishing passes can be generated in seconds with minimal user interaction.

MeshCAM is used by jewelers, woodworkers, mold makers, model makers, rapid prototype companies, industrial designers, and everyone in between. No previous machining experience is required.

Supports Popular CAD Programs and File Formats

Solid Geometry

MeshCAM supports the two most popular 3D formats, STL and DXF. These two formats enable compatibility with virtually every CAD package. MeshCAM uses an extremely robust toolpath algorithm- it has no problems with incomplete solids or file errors that can cause problems with other programs.

Advanced Toolpaths

Advanced Toolpaths

In addition to the standard parallel roughing and finishing toolpaths, MeshCAM supports waterline (z-level) and pencil finishing. These options allow you to machine difficult parts more quickly and easily than parallel toolpaths alone.

Image Machining

Image Machining

MeshCAM accepts BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIFF image files and automatically generate a 3D object from them. MeshCAM is the only program in its price range that offers both machining from images and solid CAD files.

More advanced image-to-3D capabilities can be found in MeshCAM Art, our Artistic CAD/CAM program.

Easy Learning Curve


MeshCAM was built from the ground up with a focus on ease-of-use and a logical workflow. Thousands of people have used the program and provided feedback that has helped make MeshCAM one of the easiest-to-use CAM programs available.

Two-Side Machining

MeshCAM has built in two-side machining functionality. This mode makes it easy to machine both the front and back of a complicated object without complicated fixtures. Supports and a frame are added to hold the object in a standard vise during machining. Click here to see it in action...

Unlimited Free Demo

Download Trial2

You can download MeshCAM and try it out free for 15 days. There are no limitations on what you can do in that period- any toolpath can be saved and run on your machine. Try MeshCAM with a project and see if it can pay for itself before you even pay for it.

Configurable Output

MeshCAM can generate gcode for almost any common machine and comes with support for most machines built-in. If your machine accepts a standard version of gcode and is not supported by default we will provide a new post processor free of charge.

If you want CNC simulation, MeshCAM can output to Cutviewer for toolpath verification before you send anything to your machine.

Open Development Process

Registered MeshCAM users are entitled, and encouraged, to participate in its development. Users are able to try out pre-release versions and give feedback to help shape the future of MeshCAM. Many current users have seen their suggestions implemented or bugs fixed in only a couple of days.


MeshCAM represents the absolute best value in 3D machining software. No other package matches the features of MeshCAM with its low price and ease of use.

System Requirements

MeshCAM requires Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 and at least 512 MB RAM (2GB Preferred). MeshCAM has also been tested under Linux using Wine.

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