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Michael in Fort Lauderdale

MeshCAM is an excellent lightweight CAM package well-suited to hobbyists- it's great for getting 3d parts into the real world, as painlessly as possible. The features are light, but streamlined- the core set of toolpaths necessary to produce quality work are present.

Stuart in Laramie, WY

I love MeshCAM for my home CNC gantry router. It's a great tool for converting images and stl's to gcode for milling. I also use it as an stl viewer for parts I download from

Keep up the good work.

Junior in Syracuse, Nebraska

I have not had much training in the field of CNC, I have a wood shop and needed to step up my game a little to compete, So I built a CNC Router to make my custom gunstocks. I had some CAD experience but had no idea how to get that drawing from CAD to my CNC. That is where MeshCam came into play. I tried other products but they were so complicated. Now all I have to do is import my .stl from CAD and give MeshCam some simple direction. i,e, x,y,z zero. and type of router bit. and away it goes. So simple!!! I love it.

Keith in Collierville, TN

Being new to CNC, MeshCAM is great for learning the entire workflow from CAD to finished part. While MC is optimized for 3D parts, it still excels at 2.5D parts even when you are so new you don't know what the difference is!!

The other great part of MC is the support forums. Especially when you're new, being able to directly contact the author of the software and his staff with your questions is invaluable.

iain in Prince Edward Island, Canada

I'm a newbie, but a quick study.

After surveying the available options for CAM software, it was pretty clear that MESHCAM was going to get me to my goal of going from my 3D models to actually cutting metal the quickest. The ease of use and clarity of the interface makes it my best choice.

Jerry in Seattle

I found it useful it for quick faceplate making when I need in a pinch. i.e. I just use MS paint (or other paint program), then render my tool path, export to g-code, then mill it!

Plus the 3D part has been useful for random fun projects for friends and family.

it's was a little slow on my older machine, since I think it was a single thread app then, So I think that has been fixed.

I have recommend this tool to my friend to draw things they want me to Mill out.

Richard F. in Bavaria, Germany

MeshCAM is really easy to use. As first time user I had my first nc-code created with it within minutes . The code was accurate and fast created. I even didn't need the manual. All just intuitive.

First choice for me !!

Mike Cinquino in Rochester, New York

I have been using and teaching MeshCAM for over a year now. If you are in education you need to take a close look at this software. In my situation, I have a limited amount of time to expose and teach my students to CAM. Prior to using MeshCAM I spent most of that time getting through the complexities of the software we were using. MeshCAM hands down has the most intuitive and easy to learn process. I now get comments from students like "This is easy and fun" rather than "How do I get this to work again and I thought I would like this but I don't".

As an example, I recently had a customer that purchased a CNC router from me. He is a one man shop and wanted to increase his capabilities with CNC and CAM. He had never used CAM before. At first he was shocked at the cost of some CAM packages. As he was looking for a package he thought he would have to spend more on CAM than he did on the CNC machine. I introduced him to MeshCAM and in a matter of a few days he had code ready to test on the machine. Some of his work is shown on the Blog on this site...

Mike Cinquino

Adjunct Instructor - Finger Lakes Community College

Owner - Conesus Machine Tool Inc.

Wayne in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Good program at a price I can justify.

Just upgraded to V5 so I'm looking forward to the new features.

I started using V3 having no experience with CAM software packages; so there was a huge learning curve as I learned both CAM concepts and how to use the software. But things were fairly straight forward working through the menu of the program.

I've done flat pieces (essencially routing), milling, and double sided milling.

I like the control it gives me as I set up the part for machining. The program seems very flexible to me. I like being able to save job files so I can come back and make adjustments without setting up the whole program again.

Occassionally I've had funny little tool paths show up in the program. This was with V3; I'm looking forward to seeing how V5 does.

I've also sometimes found that the toolpath isn't very optimized, especially on waterline finishing steps, and especially with Z-axis movement. I've never in a hurry enough to let it bother me much. Looking forward to seeing if this is improved on V5.