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#MeshCAM for Mac/OSX

The first beta release of MeshCAM for Mac/OSX has been delivered to customers. This makes MeshCAM the first commercially-available CAM program on the Mac.

##Does it work?

Yes! It’s labeled beta but most of the code is unchanged from the Windows version. The manual still needs work but there are user making parts with MeshCAM or Mac everyday.

##Licensing / Pricing

For users wondering about licensing, pricing, etc:

##Will a Windows license code work on the Mac?

As long as it’s a current Windows code from the last year (anything that works with MeshCAM V6), it’ll work on Mac or Windows.

##What are the requirements?

OSX 10.7 or higher and at least 2GB or memory. More memory is better and a CPU with lots of cores will be fully used.

##How do I get it?

It’s available ont he main download page. Click he to get MeshCAM for Mac.

There is also setup a special MeshCAM for Mac/OSX Email List to notify users of any Mac-specific updates until the final release. If you’re interested in the Mac version, please signup for it.

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