Frequently Asked Questions


What is the MeshCAM upgrade policy?

Can I upgrade from Standard to Art?

Can I load MeshCAM on more than one PC?

Can I load MeshCAM on a PC without an Internet Connection?


What is the difference between MeshCAM Standard and Art?

Do I need MeshCAM Standard if I own Art?


How do I change the units from inch to mm

Does MeshCAM do drilling?

How can I make MeshCAM avoid part of my geometry?

Does MeshCAM Support a 4th or 5th axis?

Why are my CAD files the wrong size when I open them?

Should I use DXF or STL?

Why do my CAD files look so rough?

When I open a DXF, I’m told that no geometry was loaded?

How accurate are the estimated machining times?

CNC Machines

Will MeshCAM control stepper motors?


Do I need a CAD program for MeshCAM Art?