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News and tips for MeshCAM

V7 Build 7

I just uploaded MeshCAM 7, Build 7. This release continues the trend of each release of V7 changing the UI to try and work toward a system that is both clear for the user and a good foundation to build on going forward.

MeshCAM V7

The time has come for a new version of MeshCAM, Version 7. (And it’s going to be a free upgrade for anyone who has a valid V6 license)

V6 Almost Ready

I just uploaded what I hope will be the last build of V6 before I make it an official release. This happened to be a big change- at the last minute I decided to change to Visual Studio 2013 from Visual Studio 2005. My thinking was that C++ has advanced a lot in the last 10 years and MeshCAM can benefit from the new C++11 features. To use this features, I needed to move to a new compiler.

MeshCAM V6

The next few weeks should bring the first public release of MeshCAM V6. It will be a bit more of a work-in-progress than other releases, with features being added over time rather than at the start, but the changes required to make MeshCAM work on a Mac were too invasive to keep it in the V5 path.

MeshCAM on the Mac

As of today, MeshCAM is up and running on OSX. As you can imagine, this took a lot of effort but it’s working remarkably well right now.

Build 42- Better Cut Order

I just uploaded a new build, number 43, with two big features: inside-out Waterline and Pencil Finishing and new code to make the Pencil Finishing cut direction match Waterline better. Inside-out cut ordering has been another highly-requested feature in the past year. The fact that this is such a common request reflects the growing use of MeshCAM for 2D work. Years ago I never would have anticipated MeshCAM being used for 2D work but it’s become very common.

Build 41 - Keepout Regions

By far, one of the most requested features in MeshCAM is a way to define a keep out region using the Set Machine Region command. If you’ve emailed me about this in the past I may have given you a few suggested workarounds but I never had a suitable answer other than, “It’s in progress.”

Recent V5 Updates

If you’ve been run the “Check for Updates” command lately then you’ve seen a few new releases come out that I have not announced here. They included the new Drill and Cap Holes commands. These commands are somewhat complecated and untested so I wanted to get gradual feedback as new people found them rather than the kind of inbox-crushing feedback that can happen when I announce them here.

Drilling is almost ready

I’ve promised a drilling mode for a long time and I’m happy to say that it’s almost ready. Drilling is a feature that should be very easy compared to all of the other toolpath options in MeshCAM. From a technical point of view, it is- from a user interfaces point of view, it’s very difficult. Here are some of the problems that have held me up: