First MeshCAM Project from Larry Wolcott

The following pictures are from Larry Wolcott, a MeshCAM user. The part shown below is one of the first things Larry ever machined on a CNC mill.

Not being content with regular 3D milling, he chose to start with 2-Side machining. The 2-side function in MeshCAM allows you to cut objects from the front and back so that you can completely machine parts with features or undercuts that cannot be machined in a single setup.

It's worth noting that the screenshots of MeshCAM below are from an old version so they look very different than the current version.

The geometry in SolidWorks

When using the 2-Side machining option it is critical to measure the stock accurately to ensure correct alignment.

The 2-Side machining is made possible by adding supports around the part to hold it in the frame.

The same geometry after adding supports.

The toolpath parameters dialog.

Defining a new tool.

A view of the toolpath in MeshCAM

A view of CutViewer simulating the gcode for the top

A view of CutViewer simulating the gcode for the bottom

Larry developed his own method for locating the zero point of the top and bottom of the stock using alignment pins

Removing the part from the frame.